this Friday, 2nd  of october(4 to 9pm) launch of Le Chauffage magazine with a contribution by me at Damien and The Love Guru in Brussels BE. Reading @ 7.30 Come and get your copy!! 
Pictures by Le Chauffage 

Tomorrow 2nd of may on Radio Rietveld, 6 AM Milking sessions with amazing DJ Max Gladder
Ambient/Umwelt: seeing through the eyes of a mollusc, video on display February 14th at FridayNITE, Groningen, curated by Joppe Venema/Vaneen Label, everyone welcome! Something I read before making the video is Jakob Von Uexkulls A Stroll Through the Worlds of Animals and Men :
Adventures of my cheese: made by shepherd Armando Zocchi and me in Val Vezzola in the Italian Alps, carried to Antwerp, left to age in the cellar of the Royal Art Academy in Antwerp, after graduating continued ageing in MuZee (museum in Oostende, Belgium, next to some Ensor paintings, I'm sure it tastes very special now... Thank you Barbara de Jong, the conservator of the museum for keeping an eye on the cheese and for creating this logbook of mouldy pictures
Part of the repairing team on november 16th, curated by Darya Golova, Da Costakade 158, Amsterdam