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Recipe for cheese:   

heat 100 liters of fresh milk to 36C in a copper vat 
when 36 degrees, stop heating 
add liquid calf rennet 
wait 30 min
after 30 min the milk should be a bit solid (like a thick yogurt) 
start cutting the curd slowly with a curd cutter 
(like that you separate the solid curd from the liquid whey)
when the curd pieces have the size of grains of rice you can stop cutting (after about 30 min)
heat the curd and whey to 42C (or higher) 
when heating, stir well!
when foam starts to form, stop heating (should happen around 42C)
make a vortex by stirring quickly 
stop stirring and wait 10 minutes to let the curd sink to the bottom
take the cheese form/mold 
after 10 min, pull up your sleeves and put your hands in the hot whey, 
you will find the curd at the bottom of the vat,
slowly compress and roll the curd into a long sausage 
lift it from the bottom of the vat into the cheese form 
press it inside the form, push out more whey 
put a wooden board on the form and add a weight 
(to press the curd in the cheese shape) 
leave for some hours, then turn the cheese
after one day you can take the cheese out of the form
and put it in the salty water of the cheese brine 
leave it there for two days or more 
after the salt bath, take the cheese and put it on a pine wooden board 
turn the cheese once a day 
and leave it to ripen for a season or more 

Told to me by shepherd Armando Zocchi

land art piece, grazed grass by sheep, shapes set out (and removed) by me, Alta Valtellina, IT

land art piece, haymaking, Alta Valtellina, Italian Alps

Magic milk, 200 liters of freshly milked milk to be made into cheese by shepherd Armando Zocchi